AvalonBay’s New Proposal for the Hospital Site

At last night’s Borough Council meeting, the hot topic of discussion, of course, was developer AvalonBay’s proposed redevelopment of the Princeton Hospital site. While the developer had previously sought out a zoning variance that would allow it to build an additional 44 housing units (above the 280 currently permitted under zoning regulations), they withdrew their request and have now agreed to stick to the 280 units allowed under current zoning.
This is great news, and I’m delighted that we can move forward with the important redevelopment of this site in a way that conforms with the Borough’s zoning, both for density and affordable housing units. When built, there will be 56 new COAH-eligible rental apartments in the development, a welcome addition to our town where the demand for affordable housing far exceeds the supply. Princeton Community Housing has over 500 families on their waiting list for affordable units. 56 more units won’t solve the problem, but it makes a nice dent in that waiting list. 
An interesting tidbit: the affordable units in this development will be mixed in with the market rate units, making all residents feel equally welcome in our community. This inclusionary practice is a first for the state of New Jersey, and that’s something that all Princetonians can be proud of. 
Borough Council and the Planning Board will continue to work with the developer on design standards in order to make certain this project becomes a gem in our town, and something we can all be happy to have. 

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